About us

In 2013, we were trying to help Bookkeepers and Accountants leverage technology so they could provide better customer service to their clients. What we found was there was a lot of excitement and buzz around Data Automation. There were a number of companies that were catering to this demand, however, we could not find a company whose software worked with the desktop or client/server architecture accounting solutions such as Quickbooks Canada, USA, and UK. While we know that online accounting solutions are the way of the future, we also know there are a significant number of businesses that are unable to make the switch right away. So we decided to build a data automation tool that leverages artificial intelligence AND works with popular desktop accounting applications.

The Data Automation Company is the result. Our software has all the advantages of cloud computing but it is integrated with your desktop accounting solution.

We are open to any and all feedback and if you would like your accounting software to leverage our artificial intelligence platform, please send us an email and we would be happy to see what we can do.


John Leishman and Jeff Borschowa

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