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Learn How To Stop Doing Double Entry Into Your Accounting Platform and Cortex

Top 5 Benefits of for You



Save Time by Eliminating Double Entry

Stop entering information into your accounting systems and then entering the exact same information into the Cortex Workbench -> SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY!!!



Get Paid Faster – Reduce Days Sales Outstanding

By automating the Cortex data entry, you can get your invoices processed faster and you get paid quicker!



Reduce Errors

Did you know that typically 1 in every 80 keystrokes is wrong? The double entry process into Cortex is prone to errors creeping in. You can now reduce the errors that then prolong you getting paid!



Do More with Less Manpower

Since can automatically input your invoice information into the Cortex Workbench, this will free up people’s time to do other more productive tasks!



Process Invoices in Seconds not Minutes or Hours

Are you fed up with the amount of time that it takes to enter your invoice information into the Cortex Workbench?  Let us do the heavy lifting and get your invoices entered into the Cortex Workbench in seconds.

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