File This

Your Free Digital Account & Bill Organizer

FileThis is your smart assistant that automatically creates bill reminders and helps you to pay on time. Don’t miss payments anymore and keep improving your credit score with ease.


No More Late Payments

FileThis creates bill reminders automatically and lets you pay your bills your way.


All Balances in One Dashboard

Find important account information, even what’s printed on your statements, in seconds.


Finally, Smart Receipts

Capture receipts on the go and and assign them to accounts and cabinets for instant organization.


100% Paperless

FileThis automatically downloads your digital statements and organizes them for you. Fully text searchable.


Bank-Level Security

256-bit AES encrypted documents and 256-bit SSL connections. Our servers are located in physically patrolled data facilities in the U.S.


Instantly Organized

Easily find account balances, documents, statements, tax related information, or personal health records when you need it.