OpenInvoice Integration – Brought to you by

OpenInvoice Integration – Brought to you by

OpeInvoice Integration – Brought to you by has recently been approved to be a partner of Oildex for their OpenInvoice platform.

The video above shows how a user of OpenInvoice can email their invoice and supporting documentation into where the invoice data will be extracted and input into OpenInvoice.

All of this happens in a matter of seconds and removes the double entry problem, once into an accounting system and then into OpenInvoice.

Here is what one of Enter My Invoices’s clients said:

“When Enter My Invoice approached Oilymitts Energy Group Ltd. with their product, I jumped at the chance to have our billing become more efficient.  Hundreds of invoices per month are put through OpenInvoice, and we were required to enter everything twice.  We were at a crossroads and we needed to come up with both a cost efficient and time efficient solution.  Enter My Invoice solved it.  Not only did we save on the cost of not needing to hire additional staff, we managed to shave weeks off of our billing process.  No more double entry!  The invoicing is now being completed in ONE day.”

Melissa – Oily Mitts

If you would like to try with OpenInvoice, please feel free to contact us at:



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