Ticket App

A Service ticket management platform that allows you to keep your paper tickets or go completely electronic. Our solution is completely customizable with custom fields, menus and workflows. We understand that every business has different requirements. We are priced very cost effectively so that even the smallest firm can afford their own custom solution.

Overview of Software


Overview of Workflow



  • Cost Effective – No minimum charge
  • Easy to use
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Handle any Rate Sheet
  • Get digital signatures in the field and by remote approvers
  • Reporting and Searching on my piece of data
  • Totally customizable to meet your workflow and requirements
  • Track from when staff apply to work at positions at your company to when they are billed out on Work Tickets and everything in between
  • Designed for oil field staffing companies, drilling rig managers and oil field service companies
  • Even keep your paper tickets if you want, we will work along side your current workflow


Price Lists tied to Purchase Order
– Price List Descriptions tied to Internal Descriptions
– Different Price rates that can be used for different Customers
Jobs tied to Purchase Orderhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpgUjcSmOu4
Field Tickets tied to Jobs
– Different Status of Tickets : Unassigned, Assigned, Completed, Verified, Approved
– Tickets – Sub Sections of : Labour, Equipment, Materials, 3rd Party charges with support for pictures of 3rd party invoices in the field
Multiple signatures both in the field and by remote approving staff,  both internal and external
Different Views in Software tied to Roles (ie: Field Supervisor does not see customer prices, Applicants only see their own data)
Human Resources Module
– All Applicants have their own login to update Certificates and other required documentation
– Accept Applicants from your website
– Easily convert Applicants to Staff
– User Interface for:
– Certificates with expiry dates
– Employee Reviews
– Internal labour rates for different positions
– Easily search Applicants for any variety of criteria
Reporting – Report and Search on any piece of data in the software

Pricing Explained

Coming Soon

  • Export labour hours into your payroll system
  • Export Tickets into your Accounting software
  • Push Ticket data into Open Ticket and/or Cortex and/or SAP Ariba