Why Should Bookkeepers and Accountants Our Software

Why Should Bookkeepers and Accountants Use Our Software?

It is quite simple really, we can save your company time from doing manual data entry. This allows your staff to focus on more important activities such as creating budgets, cash flow forecasts or maybe even Accounts Receivable Collection. We provide the technology to create another small efficiency in the operations of your Organization.

Our software allows Bookkeepers, Accounts Payable staff and Accountants to code transactions faster. We also include the source document with every transaction in Quickbooks.

If you are a business owner, take a picture of your receipt and forward it to your company specific email address that we provide you. We will extract the relevant data so that your bookkeeper can code the transaction without waiting for the paper receipt from you. This is especially useful for contractors with staff who purchase supplies at various suppliers.

If you are a bookkeeper who practices value pricing, then your profits will increase. If you are a bookkeeper who would like a template to follow to migrate their company to value pricing, please contact us HERE.

If you are an accountant who offers bookkeeping as one of your services, then our software will allow you to focus on your higher value add activities while you use our artificial intelligence platform to assist your staff in coding transactions faster. If you would like more information on our value pricing system for converting from an hourly bill into value pricing solutions, then please contact us HERE.